Forgiven Life Staff

Long Le, Pastor
And Dawn

Childhood: I am blessed to be the fourth child among five siblings. The miracle is that we were all born within ten to twelve months apart of each other (my older brother being only ten months older than me and my younger twelve). The close proximity of our ages cultivated close relationships with my brothers and sisters as we grew up and began developing at an early age our relational skills. I was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Our family left Vietnam in 1975 to pursue freedom and the American dream.

Conversion: Born in a Buddhist family, I was fanatical about my religion. I was not hesitant to share my beliefs to classmates when I was in middle and high school. My philosophy is that one’s belief must affect one’s behavior, for if it does not then there is no sense in believing. In college, I befriended a classmate who shared the gospel with me by using the Romans Road. I was convinced of the message and was convicted of my sins. I confessed my transgression and trusted in Christ’s finish work on the cross for my redemption. My classmate mentored me throughout my college years and taught me how to walk the Christian life. We stay in touch even till today.

Calling: Through my personal mentoring and involvement within the local church, I quickly experienced God’s presence in my life as He began to mold my heart and change my goals and direction in life. The desire to pursue the medical field quickly vanished as I desired greater to mend torn hearts rather than broken bones. I experienced God’s love and grace so strongly that I was compelled to share my faith with everyone around me. I started a Bible study on campus by inviting my friends to join. I did not know much about God or the Bible at that point in time. Nevertheless, I needed to share my faith with people. I used all the materials I received during Sunday School and discipleship class to teach my college friends. As I witnessed and shared my faith around the university campus, I knew that God had “called” me to service. Very early on as a Christian, I felt “called” into full-time ministry prior. My witnessing on campus solidified my “calling” even more. I knew that one day God would allow me to serve Him in a church as a minister of the gospel.

Commissioning: I graduated and received my masters from both Dallas Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. My years in seminary were priceless as I immersed myself in learning God's Word and understanding how to serve. I was granted grace when I married Dawn Le. We serve together as a team teaching the Word of God and showing hospitality to all whom God sends our way.

Kristina Pool - Children's Director

Kristina Pool, Children's Director
And Family

I am the Children's Ministry Director. I am a wife and a mother of three boys. I dedicated my life to follow Jesus about twenty years ago and have been passionate about God and His word ever since. I believe with all my heart that God's word is powerful and can direct and change a person of any age. After many prayers, I believe God led me to teach children.

A couple of years prior to serving, I prayed that God would lead me in the direction I should go as far as ministry goes. Then my longtime friend and now my pastor offered me a position in Children’s Ministry. I was not sure at first if that was what I wanted to do. However, soon after, I realized how much I enjoyed teaching children about God. I believe the Holy Spirit reminded me of the prayer I prayed about knowing which direction I should go in ministry and it made a lot of sense. It brought so much joy to my heart to see the kids learning about God and growing in Him.