Children's Ministry

Children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3).  They are the precious souls of the Kingdom.  Forgiven Life Children's Ministry is founded on our Church's mission statement: Love God, Love One Another, and Share this Love to the World.  

At Forgiven Life children learn the word of God in a variety of fun, hands on ways.  This makes a lasting impression on the child by incorporating the arts such as coloring, drawing, painting, making crafts and also incorporating music, drama, and play.  Our goal is to teach kids about God's love for them so they can love God, love one another and share this love to the world.

Sunday's Lessons

  • Good Fruits / Bad Fruits: In our Bible lesson today Jesus taught us that we are like trees.  We need to plant ourselves in a good place so that we can bear good fruits.  If not, we will bear bad fruits.  We are known by our fruits.  The kiddos make fruits and identifies what are good fruits and bad fruits.  They hang good fruits on the good tree and bad fruits on the bad tree.
  • NAMES OF GOD: The kids learn the many names of God and write them on Christmas ornaments to decorate our Forgiven Life Christmas tree!
  • THE GOOD SHEPHERD: Kids making sheep crafts in addition to learning that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
  • MICAH'S ONESY: As our littlest and our newest Forgiven Life family member, Micah Pool, joins the Church, the children show their love for one another by writing scripture verses from the book of Micah on baby onesies as a gift to Micah.
  • CROWN OF LIFE: The children learn that they can receive the crown of life from jesuss as they live for Him.  The children make these decorative crowns tp wear as symbols of the real "crown of life" they will inherit. 
  • F.R.O.G. : The kiddos made these F.R.O.G.s to remind them to "Fully Rely On God" for everything and in everything.  The children are able to "hope" over life's difficulites as long as they fully rely on the love and grace of God.